Remove any stickers or tags. Rinse with warm, soapy water and towel dry completely. 


Hand wash only. Pans should have cooled down fully before being washed. DO NOT submerge hot cookware in cold water since this will damage the cookware and void the warranty. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, pads, oven cleaners or caustic cleaning solutions to clean the cookware. To remove baked-on food residue, simmer cookware with a mixture of 1 cup water adn 2 tablespoons baking soda. Never let liquids boil dry as it will damage your cookware. Enamel is chip resistant but be careful not to drop the item on hard surfaces. If chips or cracks in the enamel coating occur, protect the area every time it gets wet by rubbing vegetable oil over the cracked or chipped area. Wipe away any excess oil with a paper towel.


Never allow your cookware to boil dry. Unattended, empty cookware on a hot burner will get extremely hot, and this may result in personal injury and/or property damage. Avoid sliding or dragging your cookware over the surface of your stovetop, especially glass/ceramic stovetops, as scratches may result. Follow your stovetop manufacturer's instructions regarding the appropriate handling of different kinds of cookware on your ceramic/glass stovetops. Never place hot cookware onto a cool ceramic/glass stovetop. By doing so, this can cause the cooking element to fuse onto the surface or cause it to crack.


Always place the cookware on an appropriately sized burner. Do not use a burner larger in diameter than the base of the cookware. This cookware is not intended for commercial or restaurant use. Allow your cookware on a heat-resistant surface. DO NOT leave the cookware on the hot burner.