Use and Care

  • Wash before first use. Handwash only.

  • Carbon steel is safe to use on the grill and on all cooktops, including induction stoves.

  • Lift cookware using the handles. Do not drag off cooktops to help prevent scratching.

  • Season before first use and as needed.

  • Handwash only.

  • Read instructions below on how to season a carbon steel wok.

Seasoning a Carbon Steel Wok – Stove Top Method

Before first use, it is recommended to season your carbon steel cookware. Seasoning maximizes performance, prolongs product life, and prevents rusting.  The seasoning inside the pan will build up over time through cooking, promoting a smooth cooking surface and easy food release. 

To Season and Re-season:

  • Wash the wok with warm, soapy water. Towel dry immediately.

  • Place wok over low heat until completely dry.

  • Once the wok is dry, turn off the heat and wait for it to cool down.

  • Apply oil of choice with a dishcloth or paper towel evenly.

  • Place wok back on the burner over high heat.

  • Make sure to also heat the sides of the pan to ensure the entire surface area is heated evenly.

  • Once the oil in the pan starts lightly smoking, turn off the heat and allow the pan to cool.

  • Wipe away excess oil with a paper towel.

  • If your pan starts to rust and/or food starts to stick to the surface at any time, please follow the directions above to re-season the surface of the pan.

Seasoning a Carbon Steel Work – Oven Method

  • Remove wooden handle. Unscrew counterclockwise the large eyelet at the base of the handle.

  • Pull handle towards you and remove.

  • Place a foil-lined baking sheet into the bottom rack of the oven.

  • Preheat the oven to 475°F-500°F.

  • While the oven is preheating, wash pan with warm, soapy water.

  • Towel dry then place on stovetop and heat to ensure that pan is thoroughly dry.

  • Once dry, apply oil of choice with a paper towel on the interior and exterior of the pan.

  • You may also continue to rub the pan with a hand towel to coat evenly.

  • Place wok upside down on the rack above the foil-lined baking sheet in the fully heated oven.

  • Leave pan in the oven for 20 minutes.

  • Turn off the oven after an hour but leave the pan in there until it is cool to the touch.